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The Loughton Residents Association (LRA) is an independent group of people who want to make Loughton an even better place to live and work. LRA represents a wide range of ideas and concerns. We seek out the views of people in the community and ensure that their voices are heard. LRA makes great efforts to provide a public arena for the residents who care about Loughton.

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Broadway Area Parking Review Phase 2

resident-parkingA year ago, with few objections from residents, NEPP introduced residents’ parking controls in the roads nearest to Debden station/town centre. because residents were unable to find anywhere to park at the kerbside near their homes. Other parking was displaced into the surrounding roads.

The present draft Parking Order covers roads:

- where there is already a commuter-parking problem, where many residents want parking controls so they can park near their homes.

- nearby roads which don’t currently have a commuter-parking problem but which may suffer serious displacement – if so, NEPP could introduce parking controls here much faster than by starting afresh).

NEPP totally failed to explain this when they advertised the Order for objections - understandably, some residents were very upset by this.

LRA Cllrs will support residents in the outer streets who don’t want their roads included in the scheme - and residents who are already suffering serious commuter-parking. More

NEPP proposals here (click on Epping Forest District Amendment 24).
LRA's letter to residents

Local Plan

Epping Forest District Council has now submitted its Local Plan for Examination. The Inspector has produced a timetable and document, including a set of questions. for hearings in 2019.

LRA, SaveJesselGreen and others will be attending some of the hearings to oppose various aspects of the Plan, including the idea of building on Jessel Green.

It’s important to remember that the Inspector will solely be looking at whether the Plan is “sound” (that is, it has been prepared in accordance with the relevant legal requirements) and may agree changes to make it “sound”. Other than this, she will not consider making any other improvements to the Plan. More

Save Jessel Green
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