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About Local Councils

LRA is, by its constitution, a non-party political organisation. We became involved in local government as the best means of finding what is happening and of influencing the future of our town.

We believe that local government should be managed with openness, accountability, financial prudence and effectiveness. 

LRA councillors act as Independents within their councils, taking account of the aims and policies of LRA, but making decisions according to their individual consciences and their knowledge of the wishes of the residents of their wards. 

Local election successes!

(Re-)Register to Vote. By law everyone eligible to vote must be on the electoral register, and to do that the annual canvass of electors must be completed. Not filling in the form could get you a 1,000 fine and a criminal record and prevent you from voting in local and national elections.   LRA is grateful to all those who vote for us in local elections. www.eppingforestdc.gov.uk/elections

All about the District: a wide range of information about health, transport, education etc. More

Which council does what?

Essex County Council
Education, highways, social services, the environment, libraries, fire service, police, youth services, transportation, trading standards

Epping Forest District Council
Public health and environmental services, planning and building control (see Planning Applications), waste collection and recycling, drainage, housing, leisure services

Loughton Town Council
Cemeteries, playgrounds, allotments, public open spaces, planning applications (consulted by District Council)

Epping Forest Youth Council

This consists of 23 democratically elected young people, 13 to 19 years old, living in the Epping Forest District. They meet monthly to discuss issues important to young people. The Council is non-party political. Youth Councillors are regularly consulted with by the providers of key services for young people. For more information about Youth Council work or to get in touch with a Youth Councillor about an issue please contact the Young Persons’ Officer, efyc@eppingforestdc.gov.uk, 01992 564 365 or www.eppingforestdc.gov.uk/efyc

Where do council taxes go?
Epping Forest District Council, on behalf of all three levels of local government, collects the (combined) council tax from residents. This is how it is distributed:

88% goes to the County Council. This amount is set by the Conservative-controlled Essex County Council, and includes charges for the fire service and the police service.
9% goes to the
Conservative-controlled District Council
3% goes to the
Town Council

For more details, see here 
Council Tax, Band D 2018/19
Essex County Council1,163.7073.1%
Essex Police 157.05
Essex Fire & Rescue Service 69.03
Epping Forest District Council 148.77
Loughton Town Council 53.59

Total 1,592.14100.00%

Council tax bands.  
If you have questions, go to www.voa.gov.uk for information on how bands are determined and what to do if you disagree with your banding.

Local authority performance comparisons.
The http://www.local.gov.uk/about-lginform  website features the results of the comprehensive area assessment, based on the collective assessment of six independent inspectorates. It assesses how local public services are performing in England, if they provide value for money and where they could improve.

How cuts proposed by the new Government will affect you!
Recent Governments have cut expenditure, including expenditure on local government and the police. This will result in reductions in services, and as much local government spending is mandatory, this will inevitably mean sharp cuts in the remainder. LRA's District and County Councillors will be watching their councils’ proposals closely – we already run a very tight ship at the Town Council.

Which ward am I in?

To find out which ward you’re in, go to the Electoral Commission website then: