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About LRA
Would you like to be a local councillor?

“You can have a say on what goes on locally, on behalf of 
Loughton residents.

Depending on which council you are involved in, the issues cover things such as looking after the High Road and The Broadway, highways problems, rubbish collections, street-cleaning, playgrounds, planning applications and much, much more.

The LRA has a majority of councillors on Loughton Town Council and has councillors on Epping Forest District Council and Essex County Council.

Being a councillor involves attending meetings on a wide range of subjects (in the evenings for the Town and District Councils, and during the daytime for the County Council). It also involves taking up individual issues on behalf of residents – much of the work is carried out by phone or email. Training is provided, and you would be working as part of a strong and experienced group.

You also become a part of the LRA’s Executive group, which looks at local issues and decides how we should tackle them, consulting residents where necessary.

The next election at which we expect to put up candidates is scheduled for 2018, but by-elections do sometimes occur. However, you will find it a help to spend some time getting to know LRA and the local issues by joining the LRA Executive.

To find out what’s involved, you can