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Central Line - Service Reductions from January 2020

Central Line15 November 2019
Central Line - Service Reductions from January 2020

Transport for London (TfL) has announced changes (see the below email) to the Central Line service, which for our town will mean fewer Loughton-Epping peak hour services - more on the District Council website.

TfL will take some trains out of service, a few at a time, to replace life-expired motors (meaning fewer future defective trains) and will make adaptations to provide more space for wheelchair users, as well as improving audio and visual passenger information. We understand that this work will take 'a number of years'.

Morning and evening peak services at Debden, Theydon Bois and Epping stations will be reduced (at Debden from 11 trains per hour to 9  and at Epping from 10 trains down to 8 per hour).

TfL did not do any prior consultations on these changes, which will affect many people. Peak time Loughton commuters may benefit from more trains starting at Loughton, but Debden commuters will have to choose between overcrowded journeys straight through, or changing trains at Loughton in the hope of getting seats.

Travelling on the Central Line can be frustrating and uncomfortable, and new trains are many years away. TfL presumably needs to do this work, but we question why these changes only impact our end of the line, and how TfL decided on this plan?

There will also be changes adversely affecting residents using the services between Woodford and Hainault, which LRA Cllr Chris Pond raised with senior Conservatives at Epping Forest District Council in spring 2019, when he first heard of some of them, but nothing was done.

Central Line - Service Reductions in January 2020