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Featured News
2018 Elections

20 April 2018

Please Vote LRA on 3rd May!

Useful information
We want to continue our work for Loughton so please vote for us this year, so we can keep helping us to help you! The positive impact LRA continues to have on Loughton is undeniable – we strive to keep Loughton a good place to live in.

We are the second largest party on the District Council, hold the majority of seats in Loughton Town Council, and hold a seat on the County Council too.

So we are perfectly placed to help and support local people. By consulting with, and listening to, local people, whether through our Cllrs or at our monthly stall at the Farmers’ market, we stay informed of what matters to you.

LRA is active in opposing inappropriate planning applications and in fighting various aspects of the District Council’s Local Plan, including opposing the number of new dwellings proposed in Loughton, and the proposal to build on Jessel Green.
We also pursue the every-day matters – such as potholes, unemptied rubbish bins, crime and anti-social behaviour, leisure facilities – which matter so much to residents.
Election information
Helpful infrormation from the District Council.

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Elections and the voting process
General information on voting and elections.
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Which Council am I voting for this year?

Epping Forest District Council

Epping Forest District Council delivers many services including public health and environmental services, planning and building control, waste collection and recycling, drainage, housing and leisure services.

Epping Forest has 32 wards across the district – 7 of them in Loughton. Each ward elects between 1 and 3 councillors, with a total of 58 councillors.

Of the total of 58 seats on the District Council, LRA hold 12. Seven of the LRA-held seats are up for re-election this year, in Alderton, Broadway (2 seats), Fairmead, Forest, St John’s and St Mary’s wards. (We are not standing against Independent Cllr Stephen Murray in Roding ward.)