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Lucton’s Field and the College Middle Site, Borders Lane

15 November 2019

We now await formal planning applications. In the meantime, residents have launched a petition against the proposals, and a Facebook page.

18 October 2019

LRA is very disappointed by the proposals for the college sites, which is on the Fairview Homes website with details on the Epping Forest College Middle Site and Lucton's Field.

Indeed, we were horrified by the removal by the Conservative majority at the District Council of the protective covenants on these sites, which we fought long and hard in 2015.
Developing the proposed sites would adversely affect air quality in the Epping Forest Special Area of Conservation (SAC) by pollution from residents' cars, and would adversely add to the recreational pressure on the SAC.

Luctons Field is an area of valuable open grassland that has never been developed. It was a green meadow till 1950, then a playing field. It contributes greatly to Loughton's biodiversity.

The quality of life in St Mary's and Alderton Wards would be impaired because there is insufficient infrastructure for such a development:

Acting as an Association, LRA opposes all over-intensive development proposals in Loughton. However, LRA councillors have to act separately from the Association in relation to planning proposals because they have to take planning decisions solely on the basis of the evidence presented at planning committee meetings. However, when these proposals become a formal planning application to the District Council, your councillors will ask searching questions, and the LRA Plans Group will ask residents for their views.