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Deer (December 2015)
Watch out for deer when driving through the Forest– the rutting season is underway and there have already been accidents.

Winter horse-riding restrictions now in force (December 2015)
Riders should be staying on the surfaced rides.
Horses in Epping Forest
Superintendant’s report (December 2015)

Budget (December 2015)
Net expenditure for 2015- of over 5 million. More
Epping Forest

Autumn rut time! (October 2015)
Please beware of deer on Forest roads, particularly at dusk – the 40mph limit has helped, but hitting one even at that speed can do a lot of damage to the deer – and to your car.

High Beach Forest Centre (October 2015)
This is operated by the Friends of Epping Forest on behalf of the City of London. The Friends are extending its opening hours. Volunteers are on hand to help you, with maps, leaflets, souvenirs, events and lots of information on the Forest's wildlife. Part of a traditional Epping Forest beauty spot, it’s a great place to picnic and an ideal stop on your way through the Forest.

Epping Forest - the next 10 years (August 2015)

Epping Forest is developing a new management plan, so they are asking for your help to find out what you value about the Forest and which issues are most important to you. They want your views on the management of the Forest, from litter to events and activities to preserving the 'natural aspect' - and everything in between! Register on their online system now to take part.

For queries, or help email or call 0208 532 5334.

Baldwins Pond (August 2015)
The City of London is considering options for works following a Reservoir Inspecting Engineer’s comments that leaks at the pond are getting progressively worse.

The seasonal Forest Focus e-newsletter (July 2015)
Forest Focus brings you the Forest Conservators’ latest stories, features, news and events directly to your inbox. Sign up.  Or to join the mailing list for a “hard” copy, ring the Warren office (020 8532 1010) or email epping.forest@cityoflondon.gov.uk or pick up a copy at one of the Forest Centres.

Fly-tipping in Epping Forest
In the last year there were 513 fly tips, an average of 10 per week, varying from a single black sack of household waste to lorry loads of builders waste, and hazardous waste such as asbestos and tyres.
The Conservators employ 10 members of staff to work specifically on litter collection. More

What’s going on in Epping Forest? (May 2015)
See the latest edition of the Conservators’ Forest Focus. More

Iron Age Hill Forts: Visitor Value Survey (May 2015)
What do you value about these two sites? There are two Iron Age hill forts in Epping Forest: Loughton Camp and Ambresbury Banks. Constructed sometime between 800BC and 1 BC, they are earthwork structures consisting of banks and ditches. The Epping Forest Act 1878 specified that the City of London must preserve certain features of the Forest, including the hill forts.

The consultation will determine how the forest sites are managed

 They are also protected as Scheduled Ancient Monuments and are in the Forest’s Site of Special Scientific Interest and Special Area of Conservation, which gives them added protection. Conservation management plans are in development for these hill forts. More and how to give your views

Epping Forest & Commons Committee Meeting (March 2015)
Minutes including:

  • conservation, visitor access and risk management projects report outlines the proposals for the Forest in 2015-16. the area of land under wood-pasture restoration will be increased from 16.5ha (40 acres) to approximately 40ha (100 acres) each year. (item 9)
  • enforcement activity: 24 prosecutions undertaking (item 10) 
  • remodelling Whipps Cross roundabout: public consultation; work done by March 2017 (item 11)

Forest Focus (March 2015)
Spring edition of Forest Focus – lots of Forest news & events - now available

Epping Forest (March 2015)
Have your say on potential changes to the legislation governing the City's  Open Spaces. More

Epping Forest & Commons Committee (February 2015)
News from the meeting on Monday, January 12th:

  • “Bikers’ tea hut” – the existing lease has been renewed. News article
  • Baldwins and Birch Hall Park Ponds - problems with leaks (item 8).
  • Dog-related incidents - report on incidents in the previous year (item 10). Please report any incidents asap to the Forest keepers (020 8532 5310; or email)
  • work completed - from April 2013 to March 2014 (item 12).
  • cattle grazing report - item 13.

Horse riding in Epping Forest (February 2015)
For first time in 10 years, the City of London Corporation proposes to raise the Licence charge from 30 to 55 (83%) as the target of raising 50% of the costs of maintaining forest surfaces through the charges is not being met. News article

Tea-hut decision postponed (January 2015)
The City of London has extended the existing lease until March while they continue discussions on the future of the tea hut. A decision will be taken on January 12th.
News article

Fungi picking (November 2014)
This is not allowed in Epping Forest. Please contact 020 8532 1010 if you see fungi picking going on.

Epping Forest Centenary Trust (November 2014)
The gets up to all sorts of things in the Forest – see their Annual Review or find out more

Autumn colours in the Forest (November 2014)
The best colours are likely to be in early November. Hornbeam, especially  the seeds, are turning now and beech should be at its best with intense yellows. The oak will often turn later still. Try Barn Hoppitt (opposite Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge & The View, on Rangers Road, Chingford) around mid-November where you are likely to witness some amazing orange hues.

For a great view across the Forest canopy how about a visit to Woodbury Hollow?  The area south of Loughton Camp, one of the Forest’s two Iron Age earthworks and a Scheduled Monument, is well worth a visit too - some great shades of yellow with the beech trees, offset against a green moss carpet.
Other great areas are the Warren Plantation, the beech woodlands around Monk Wood and the Furze Ground, close to Broadstrood car park.

Bikers tea hut lease tender (November 2014)
The City Corporation have received a lot of enquiries about what's happening and have provided their answers in Frequently Asked Questions

There are two Tea Huts in the High Beach area: the Bikers Hut approx. 100 yards west of the Robin Hood along the road to High Beach, on the corner of the old Fairmead Road (the Corporation is putting out the lease of this one to tender). The other is on the west side of Queen's Green opposite the King's Oak (next to the linear car park at High Beach; there are toilets there) – this is a separate tenancy with a different proprietor and is not involved in the tender.

The lessee applied for a licence for a mobile van, presumably in case he fails to win the new lease, but has had to withdraw the application because he cannot park on Forest land. The re-tendering of the lease is proceeding.
News article

Update: The Conservators have deferred making a decision on the new contract.

Epping Forest Focus (October 2014)
The Conservators latest magazine

Fungi picking (October 2014)
This is not allowed in Epping Forest – please contact 020 8532 1010 if you see fungi picking. More

For general enquiries, fault reporting and assistance or if you witness some-one breaking the Epping Forest byelaws or fly-tipping, please phone or email. There is a reward of up to 500 for evidence leading to a successful prosecution in court.
Call 020 8532 1010 (24 hours) or email
(Ring 999 in an emergency)

Frozen ponds and lakes can be very dangerous - stay safe!

  • Don't go on the ice or test the thickness of the ice - it's easy to slip and fall through
  • Tell your children not to go on the ice – and why
  • Protect your pets and keep them on a lead

There are lots of other things you can help with too. More

2013 day time deer count. 299 Fallow and 43 Reeves Muntjac.