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How to report a local problem

Reports to the Police

Because of man-power cuts, Essex Police are increasingly intelligence-led”, so it’s important to report any crimes or suspicious activity, as this will help direct them to the focus on the key areas.

Emergencies: dial 999 Otherwise: use 101 or email hub.office.efd.brentwood@essex.pnn.police.uk  (emails are read only in office hours, Monday to Friday, but the email goes directly through to Loughton Police Station).

When ringing 101, ask for the Control Room (not for Loughton Police Station) and get an Incident Number.
If you have trouble getting through to the Control Room, please let us know the time and date by email and we will follow it up.

Highways problems

or potholes, vegetation (overgrown hedges etc), damaged bus-stops, kerb-stones, pavements or street furniture, flyposting (use any category on the list), missing/damaged signs, drain problems, street lights not working (if possible give the column number & location marked on the lamp-post) or missing yellow lines, report the problem online or 0845 603 7631. For serious or long-running problems please contact us too.

More on Drains & Potholes

Bikers - being a nuisance or riding off road, without number plates, email the police with names and addresses and/or photos, if possible, and a description of what the riders were doing.

Other problems

Deer accidents in Epping Forest:
Forest Rangers - 0208 532 1010 (plus police and/or ambulance service if appropriate)

Dog-fouling on pavements or public land
: 01992 564008 or online

Flooding: Links to flood updates, advice and how to stay in touch.

email the District Council

in the Forest, ring 0208 532 1010; elsewhere, ring 1992 564608 during office hours or 01992 564000 at all other times, or here - let us know if nothing happens. More.

very helpful District Council guide on how to report graffiti

Missing road names: email or ring 01992 564608

Missing or dead street trees:
01992 564120 or email

Noise problems (24 hours):
What to do
Out of Hours: 01992 564000

Obstructed driveways:
if possible, politely ask the driver to move the vehicle; otherwise, report an obstructed dropped kerb to a house or garage, More . If the parking wardens (sorry, civil enforcement officers) can’t, or won’t, help, and the problem is stopping you getting a vehicle onto or off the driveway, the police can act (“obstruction”) - phone 101.

Obstructions on yellow lines
(including parking on pavements or verges where there’s a yellow line(s)): phone 01206 282 316 or email

Obstructions not on yellow lines
: contact the police on 101.

Public benches, rubbish bins, street signs:
ring the District Council on 01992 564462

Vehicles apparently abandoned:
Yellow lines: Note that the District Council are no longer in charge of installing yellow lines, which now comes under a body called the North Essex Parking Partnership (shane.taylor@colchester.gov.uk), set up by Essex County Council and based at Colchester.