Loughton Residents Association

District Council Elections May 22nd 2014


LRA won as follows (follow-up candidate in brackets):

Alderton: with 643 votes (Cons 194). Turnout 33%
Broadway with 423 votes (UKIP 357). Turnout 32%
Fairmead with 523 votes (UKIP 262). Turnout 31%
Forest with 755 votes (Cons 488). Turnout 40%
St John’s with 904 votes (Cons 274). Turnout 38%
St Mary’s with 915 votes (Cons 316). Turnout 37%

Roding was won by Stephen Murray with 1,207 votes (Cons 164).


LRA speaks up for
this town - OUR TOWN FIRST

Non-political & Independent LRA
we won our first District seat in 1982 and always campaign for residents' needs

We offer six experienced and able candidates across the town.

They each have qualities to strengthen LRA and will carry the LRA baton passed on
by our retiring councillors.


'Walking with my family & our dog in woodland and our green open spaces is my favourite - I love Loughton.'
Chris Roberts
Alderton ward

'I don't want unreasonably dense development everywhere to spoil this town for you and your children.'
Chris Pond
Broadway ward

'This town has everything including character and warmth.  I share LRA's ethos - working to preserve what local people value.'
Louise Mead
Fairmead ward

'It's the green open spaces that make our town special so I and other LRA Cllrs work hard to protect them.'
Sharon Weston
Forest ward

'The special character here must be retained. Loughton - it's where countryside meets the town.'
Bob Jennings
St John’s ward

'Loughton has community spirit, the Forest, good shops, diverse housing & green open spaces - all 5 minutes walk from an espresso.'
Howard Kauffman
St Mary’s ward

You can see more about our candidates here:

Alderton ward
Broadway ward

Fairmead ward
Forest ward

St John’s ward
St Mary’s ward

Loughton Roding Ward:
We're not putting up a candidate here because the ward’s well-regarded current Independent Cllr, Stephen Murray, is standing again.

Which is my ward?
If you’re not sure which ward you’re in, look here.