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Planning Applications

LRA Planning Group
The LRA Planning Group keeps a watchful eye on all planning applications that might affect Loughton, both large (e.g., Sainsbury's) and small (e.g., house extensions).  Residents are also encouraged to voice their views.

Role of the District Council
The Epping Forest District Council (EFDC) is responsible for dealing with planning applications and publishes a weekly list of new ones.  This list, along with the actual applications, can be viewed at the EFDC office (next to Loughton Library) on Traps Hill or on the EFDC website.

The LRA Planning Group voices any concerns it has regarding an application to the EFDC.
The Loughton Town Council also provides a view.

Town Council Planning Committee
The Town Council Planning Committee considers all planning applications and passes its recommendations to the EFDC.  The agendas for these meetings are available in the town council office and in the EFDC Traps Hill office.  Most planning applications are determined by EFDC officers, but some are considered by plans committees made up of district councillors, by the District Development Control Committee or, if necessary, by the full Town Council.

Objecting to a planning proposal
If you want to object to an application but are unsure where to begin, follow this step-by-step guide to help you.  There is a strict time limit on making objections so be sure to voice your objection within the time limit:

1) Let your Ward Councillor know of the grounds for your concern (see the list of LRA councillors or email contact@loughtonresidents.co.uk ).

2) Write your own letter of objection to Epping Forest District Council.

3) Write to Loughton Town Council.

4) If other residents agree with you, get them to write too.

5) Objectors to applications (as well as promoters) have the right to be heard at both the Town Council and the District Council planning committees.  If you wish to speak at either of the meetings, call 01992 564000 (district) and/or 020 8508 4200 (town) as soon as possible.

6) Don't forget that planning applications are determined on planning grounds, so your objection must be based on these criteria.  The LRA's David Linnell (020 8508 2932) may be able to help you or you may need to consult a professional advisor.

LRA Councillors
A number of our district and town councillors serve on planning committees.  They are not involved in drafting our planning group's comments or objections.

District Council portfolio holders (or cabinet members) do not influence or comment on particular planning applications.  Under the 'modernised' council structure these 'development control' decisions are the province of non-executive councillors.

Making a decision
In considering planning applications, our district and town councillors maintain open minds until they have heard all the evidence and arguments.  They then use their personal judgement - in line with a national Code of Conduct and the planning laws - as elected representatives of the wider community.  Therefore, they may sometimes take a different view from the comments or objections made by the LRA Planning Group or other members of the LRA committee.

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