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Church Lane / Traps Hill (December 2015)
Last March we reported the dangerous lack of clear road markings at this junction (there was another accident here recently). County Highways have finally got round to re-painting them.

Footpath by Loughton station (December 2015)
LRA Cllr Ken Angold-Stephens recently chased up the Central Line section manager because several street-lights weren’t working. Residents were concerned because of a recent muggings. Two lights still aren’t operating and Ken will follow this up. If you’d like to add a complaint, please contact us for the section manager’s email address.

Church Hill - new zebra crossing! (December 2015)
The pedestrian island by Kings Green and the cricket ground is being replaced (work is scheduled to last until Friday December 11th.) This is an essential crossing on a busy road, much-used by pedestrians and particularly by school-children. LRA Cllr Caroline Pond first asked for a zebra crossing here ten years ago, but County Highways wouldn’t pay for one and so finally LRA Cllr Chris Pond has managed to arrange for funding from the local Highways works “pot”

Church Hill – lighting off by Homebase zebra crossing (December 2015)
LRA Cllr Chris Pond raised this with County Highways, who say that there is a problem with the electrical supply and that their contractor will fix it within the next 8-10 weeks!

Burney Drive (December 2015)
Chris Pond has been chasing up County Highways on the dreadful state of this road. It is currently closed between numbers 121 and 147 till end-Saturday (http://1drv.ms/1QUaQUi). Chris comments that complete reconstruction of the roadway is needed because of the subsidence of the concrete slabs from which it is made, and the actions of 14 eleven-ton buses an hour. He has had an indication this might be done next financial year.

Chigwell Lane widening (December 2015)
Local County Cllrs are being consulted on the draft proposals, on which work should start early in 2016. More

Part-night street lighting (PNL) (December 2015)
A report to the County Council states that:

  • The national ‘Lantern’ study concluded from its research that there was no evidence that PNL had a negative impact upon crime and road traffic collisions. http://tinyurl.com/nr6khhb
  • Essex Police data relating to crime, anti-social behaviour and road traffic collisions highlights no discernible increase, supporting the findings of the Lantern Project. http://tinyurl.com/pcrtf58
  • LRA Cllr Chris Pond will be pressing the County Council for all-night lighting in Loughton as & when TfL start all-night running of Central Line trains.
Traps Hill/Church Lane/Rowans Way (October 2015)
Following yet another accident at this “staggered” junction, a resident asked what was happening – LRA Cllr Chris Pond has managed to get a scheme for a mini-roundabout at the Traps Hill / Church Lane junction into the Highways programme for this financial year (it still needs to be designed and will be subject to a “utilities” survey).

Unfortunately, his request for a mini-roundabout at the Traps Hill / Rowans Way junction was vetoed by the Highways engineers, but we hope that the new mini-roundabout will have some effect in slowing down the traffic at this point.
Traps Hill Church Lane Rowans Way

Traps Hill / Borders Lane / Alderton Hill (AH)/ Alderton Hall Lane (AHL) (October 2015)
Another resident raised the problems - for pedestrians and particularly for the very young and elderly - of crossing Alderton Hill near Alderton Hall Lane. LRA was delighted that our efforts to improve the Alderton Hill/ Borders Lane junction were successful, although we were disappointed that the Highways engineers said that Alderton Hill is too narrow for a central “island” below the mini-roundabout. However, Chris is following up a proposal for the casualty reduction scheme team to look at the AH/AHL junction – we’ll keep you posted.

Speed humps (October 2015)
LRA Cllr Chris Roberts responded to a resident’s request for action in Bushfields because of excessive vehicle speeds threatening child-safety.

Chris has been trying for some time to get traffic-calming in this ward, but the County Council is currently “anti” speed bumps as they are massively expensive to install and maintain, and bus operators strongly oppose them.
However, LRA Cllr Chris Pond has taken forward a request for a change of speed limit in Alderton Hall Lane, due mainly to the need for safety near the school.

Dog fouling (October 2015)
Following complaints from residents about dog fouling in several streets around Loughton, notably The Avenue and Staples Road (the latter being near a primary school which is a significant concern), LRA Cllr Ken Angold-Stephens has asked the District Council to check both these roads. He has also suggested that a publicity campaign could be started, especially in local schools, as he is a firm believer that if we educate children from a young age they will take that message home to their parents and friends - they could be instrumental in shaming adults into behaving more responsibly.

See the District Council advice

Disposing of your dog’s waste (October 2015)
As the signs in Epping Forest point out, the dog-poo-fairy doesn’t exist and so it’s much appreciated if you can pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it in a dog-waste- bin or, securely wrapped in a plastic bag, in the ordinary rubbish-bins, or take it home with you.
Disposing of your dog’s waste

Burney Drive resurfacing (October 2015)
LRA Cllr David Wixley has confirmed to a resident who is concerned about the dreadful state of the road surface that this is on the list for the current financial year (work can’t be carried out during poor weather so there’s a danger that the programme may slip).
Ollards Grove bollards (October 2015)
We reported a missing bollard at this busy High Road junction and followed this up when nothing happened – the Council plan to replace the existing illuminated bollards with reflective ones.



Drain outside Roding Valley School on Alderton Hill (December 2015)
We worked hard last year to get County Highways to clear this. It's blocked again recently and we've reported it.

Lower Road pothole (December 2015)
Chris Pond followed up County Highways failure to spot a deep pothole on the Church Hill corner by Sevenoaks Audio, and Highways say it has now been filled.

Potholes (October 2015)
Essex County Council have issued a press release saying that the number of potholes on all categories of Essex roads fell over the three months to September 30 this year, by 15% on Essex County Council’s Priority 1 routes, by 32% on Priority 2 routes, & by 5% on local roads, compared to the previous quarter.

Please keep on reporting potholes and other Highways problems.

The County Council Highways department have a set of maintenance standards which they follow for pothole (and other) repairs – see page 66. Because they have an enormous backlog of work, they are trying to concentrate on only the worst cases. For potholes, they have set a minimum depth of 75mm (about 3”), which we think is too deep.

Streetlights (October 2015)
Six of the lights on the footpath between Loughton Station and Roding Road are not working and have been reported to TfL.

Alderton Hill drains (September 2015)

  • By the school: We are told that the notorious drain opposite the Roding Road junction is blocking up again, but we haven’t managed to catch it actually flooded. If you can send a photo of the puddle then we’ll report it (again!)
  • Higher up:  a resident reported a blocked drain which was leading to flooding in his garden, and we’re following this up with County Highways.

Drain on Alderton Hill (January 2015)
County Highways carried out repairs on December 22nd & 23rd to the drain alongside Roding Valley High School. The problem is not the drain itself, but the way in which its outflow into the brook regularly gets blocked – and passers-by get drenched. I have spent a lot of time explaining the problem to Highways – let’s hope they have sorted it out this time. At least the work was scheduled out of term-time.

Reports please – after heavy rain – as to whether they have solved the problem this time.

Alderton Hill drain (November 2014)
LRA has made a formal complaint to the County Council about their lack of effective action to resolve a drainage problem over the last 4 years, despite repeated complaints by us and others. The drain is right by the narrow footpath at the side of Roding Valley High School, Alderton Hill and has repeatedly blocked up, so that residents and children get drenched by passing traffic when it rains!

(The drain empties into the nearby brook, and it is the exit into the brook which gets blocked – a permanent solution is needed.)

County Highways have replied to our formal complaint. They say that to clear the gully it will be necessary to use temporary traffic lights for safety – they are investigating how and when to do this (but can’t tell us more). LRA Cllr Chris Pond has followed up the lack of action with the County Highways Portfolio-holder, and if necessary we will make another formal complaint.

Pothole damage? (February 2014)
If your car is damaged by a pothole, and the County Council refuse to reimburse you for the repairs, contact us. LRA and its Cllrs frequently report the potholes we see.

If we can demonstrate that the Council were notified of a defect and did nothing about it, then they are liable (as LRA Cllr Chris Pond has already successfully argued on behalf of one resident) – and a recent Colchester court ruling means they are even more likely to have to pay up.



Parking at Loughton station (December 2015)
We know that some residents are surprised to see cars parked on the “island” in front of the station. LRA Cllr Ken Angold-Stephens has investigated the situation. This is County Highways land, and although TfL would like to see double yellow lines installed here, realistically NEPP’s backlog of parking schemes requests is so long that there is no possibility of this ever reaching the top of the list.

Broadway area and Borders Lane parking
(December 2015)
Discussions are (slowly) underway in the District Council about reviving the Broadway area parking review (on hold since 2008 and only still on the books because of LRA’s persistence). In addition, LRA Cllr Chris Pond will also be asking for double-yellow lines on the junction corners on the Redrow estate, where the combination of a lack of parking and narrow roads is leading to significant levels of obstructions.

Parking over Christmas and New Year (December 2015)
Free weekend parking throughout December in District Council & Sainsbury’s car-park. More
Yellow lines - there will be no enforcement by NEPP on the holiday Bank Holidays (December 26th & 27th and January 1st).

Disabled parking space (December 2015)
LRA Cllr Jill Angold-Stephens was contacted by a disabled resident whose marked parking space lines had worn out. If he went out he was unable to park on his return, and this had left him almost housebound. With help from LRA Cllr Chris Pond, Jill was able to get his space repainted.
Disabled parking sign

Broadway Area Parking Review (October 2015)
Those with long memories will recall that back in 2007/8 the District Council promised residents a parking scheme to alleviate the dreadful parking situation in this area. They tried to renege on this, but LRA Cllr Chris Pond forced them to honour their undertaking. They then made such a mess of the Epping and Buckhurst Hill schemes that it has taken till now to sort them out. We have kept on pressing for action. Finally, local Cllrs have been promised a discussion, by November 3rd, on how the council will take the Broadway scheme forward………




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Loughton Tube station (December 2015)
From 9 November, Tfl will be carrying out improvement work for up to a month at Loughton Tube station as part of their plans to modernise the Tube. The ticket windows will be permanently closed, and staff will move into the ticket hall to help customers. The station will continue to be staffed between the first and last train times. More   

Buses 20 & 167 (December 2015)
LRA Cllr Chris Pond is pursuing the threat to bus routes 167 and 20, which connect Debden, the High Road and Buckhurst Hill, from proposed County Council cuts to the 580,000 annual subsidy it gives to Transport for London (TfL). He comments that “These routes are vital lifelines for our area to Walthamstow and Ilford. They are really heavily used for school, work, leisure, shopping, and when the Central line is disrupted. It may be that these routes could be partially replaced, but that would be at lower frequency, greater cost, with no schoolchildren's free travel - and older, banger buses such as afflict some outer parts of Epping Forest.


The portfolio holder at Essex County Council has responded after his meeting with LRA Cllr Chris Pond to discuss concerns about the withdrawal of County funding for these TfL services. Continuation of the current services depends on TfL, but if changes are proposed there will be advance consultation.

Bus route 213/ 213C/ 250 (December 2015)
Consultation on time-table changes. Proposals and timetable.

Wifi now available (December 2015)
Now at Loughton, Debden and other local stations.Once you've activated Virgin Media WiFi, your device will automatically pick up the WiFi signal when you're in a WiFi enabled Tube station. No signal in tunnels, but you’ll connect to the signal at the next WiFi enabled station. More 

Tube trainNew Tube map with walking times
This has the times it takes to walk between stations in Zones 1 and 2. Map

Tottenham Court Road station (December 2015)
The station has been closed for station improvement work, but from Monday December 7th Central line trains resumed serving the station.

The Night Tube (October 2015)

All-night Tube trains at weekends are unlikely to start this year, as talks between London Underground and unions have broken down.

Central Line overnight service (August 2015)
  • A new timetable will operate on the Central Line, with a 20-minute all-night service to Loughton on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • For operational reasons, between 4pm and 6pm on weekdays, the service of trains previously terminating at Debden Station will be withdrawn – the net effect will be five fewer trains between Loughton and Debden, although the present frequency of the service to Epping will remain.

The LRA-led Town Council (LTC) will remind the County Council Portfolio-holder that it has asked for Loughton’s all-night street-lighting on Fridays and Saturdays to match the new overnight service.

Car-parking at Underground stations beyond Loughton (August 2015)
LRA will oppose any attempts to increase car-parking at Loughton station or further out on the Central Line, unless they are accompanied by equivalent road-side parking restrictions – otherwise, the effect will be to encourage even more commuters from the rest of the county, making it even harder than it already is for Loughton residents to get onto Central Line trains at peak periods (the line is already at – or over – capacity).

  • Theydon Bois: TfL tried to extend the car-park onto previously undeveloped Green Belt land (the old allotment site beyond the railway lines and outside of the ‘urban settlement edge’ of the village) without a full planning application. The Theydon Bois Action Group (TBAG) took action (Judicial Review) to prevent this, and TfL have agreed to a full hearing. [The LRA Plans group supported TBAG]. More
  • Epping: TFL have had pre-application discussions with the District Council to deck over part of Epping Station car park and increase the parking capacity there.

Oyster cards, Stratford International – St Pancras (August 2015)
Oyster cards can now be used “overground” between Stratford International and St Pancras. Fare for senior railcard holders 4.




Essex Speed Management Strategy. (mid-2013)
The new strategy is now available onlineThe County Council will be reviewing speed limits across the County, although this will take some time. LRA will be looking for ways of using the strategy in Loughton, such as 20mph zones (but note that 20mph speed limits have to be generally self-enforcing, so that the existing conditions of the road plus any traffic calming and signs lead to average traffic speeds which comply with the speed limit, without additional police enforcement.)