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Valley Hill (June 2015)
LRA Cllr David Wixley has been chasing County Highways to get two potholes outside numbers 64 and 69. Although the job has been done, David suspects that a water leak underneath will result in further damage, and he will be keeping an eye on their condition.

Potholes in Spareleaze Hill & Tycehurst Hill (June 2015)
We reported them on March 5th – on May 29th County Highways reported them as repaired.

Potholes filled (May 2015)
Essex Highways have filled the potholes we reported in the High Road, opposite Card Factory & the Halifax, and on one of the pedestrian crossings.

Potholes (March 2015)
County Highways have said that six potholes reported in Brooklyn Avenue, Spareleaze Hill & Tycehurst Hill don’t meet their repair criteria. We will keep an eye on their growth! But three in the High Road will, they promise be repaired within 28 days – we’ll see.

Essex County Council - Video (August 2014) See Essex County Cllr & Highways portfolio-holder Rodney Bass talk about how more potholes will be filled in than usual (until next March) by spending more and working smarter. We remember Rodney, in charge of Highways, talking ten years ago about working smarter on potholes! As for the extra money, it probably won't go far enough to put right the County's neglect of the roads in recent years.] Video

High Beech Road (January 2015)
The repair last May to a deep pothole (outside the exit to the District Council car-park, opposite the junction with Smarts Lane) didn’t last long, and at end-September we asked County Highways for a more permanent repair. This has now happened– we shall see how long it lasts!

Borders Lane (January 2015)
The recurring deep pothole on Borders Lane will, we hope, have been cured by resurfacing work. LRA Cllr Chris Pond had raised the case with the relevant County Council Cabinet member, and we will keep an eye on the area in case it reappears.

Brook Road (January 2015)
At the end of October, LRA Cllr Chris Pond (and hopefully others) reported a series of potholes near the traffic lights – they have now been repaired

Warren Hill (January 2015)
County Highways say that they now repaired the potholes at the lower end of the road – that I reported to them in December 2013. Better late…..?

Debden Lane (January 2015)
In response to a resident’s query about the dangerous bend near the school, LRA Cllr Chris Pond confirmed that he’d asked for a 20mph limit on this stretch.

High Beech Road (October 2014)
In May we (and no doubt others) reported a nasty pothole at the exit to the High Beech Road car-park to County Highways – they have now filled it in.

High Road / Old Station Road mini-roundabout (October 2014)
County Highways have recently reported that they have filled in a pothole at the High Road / Old Station Road mini-roundabout, six months after we reported it.

Pothole opposite 62 High Beech Road (July 2014)
On May 15th, we (and no doubt others) reported that this large & deep hole was reappearing (the road was half-blocked for months last time). This time it has only taken 8 weeks for County Highways to repair the hole – we hope they’ve done a better job this time!

Roding Road (June 2014)
An awful smell coming from the Brook has been reported to the Council drainage officers who have narrowed it down to a mis-connected sewer in Stonards Hill. We understand it will be reported to Thames Water to follow up. (It is nothing to do with the Memorial Garden!)

Pothole outside Loch Fyne (February 2014)
LRA Cllr Chris Pond has reported this sunken trench with a deep hole to County Highways and was assured that it will be repaired by February 10th.

Drain brains.
Since mid-2012, LRA Cllr Chris Pond and LRA Cllrs & Committee Members have been stepping up the pressure on County Highways by reporting (and re-reporting) blocked drains in Loughton, and we have encouraged residents to do so too. 
Please help by reporting blockages and other problems (incidentally, for most reports you’ll get a reference number so you can chase up the case later; reference numbers aren’t automatically supplied for a few categories of reports, and County Highways are working to correct this).

Alderton Hill drain outside Roding Valley High School
It took several follow-up phone calls, over many months in 2012, to get this unblocked (and we have now reported it as blocked again!). The problem is that it doesn’t connect with the normal network, but empties into the brook, which is where the blockage occurs – and which needs special equipment to clear!

Six months after the new blockage was reported, County Highways have said that clearing this is now on their job list - and they have recognised that the problem is at the other end of the pipe where it empties into the brook (last time the drain was blocked it took us 2 years to get to this point!)

Other drains in Alderton Hill
Five drains in the Alderton Hill area were cleared mid-2013 – although there are still some Alderton Hill drains blocked, and many more elsewhere, and we’re chasing Highways about them.

Potholes. (November 2013)
According the local Guardian newspaper, Essex County Council spent in excess of 28m on resurfacing and fixing potholed roads last year, and so far this year the council has spent just under 34.5m. The holes cost an average of 50 each to repair, compared to an average of 140 for repairing a car damaged by potholes. The council has paid out 18,667.16 in compensation to 2,361 claimants in 2012/2013. News article

Old Station Road and the High Road junction. 
On Thursday August 8th 2013 a Highways Ranger was seen filling in the deep pothole at the junction (reported to Highways on July 22nd). However, a resident has reported water coming from the repair, so there may be a leak as well.

Hole in High Road pavement. 
LRA Cllr Chris Pond reported a grave trip hazard near the pedestrian crossing at 255 High Road to the County Council on May 7th 2013.  It was repaired on May 14th, but not before a woman with a pram had taken a nasty tumble. More
We try to spot these problems, and report them, but you can help - the more reports the better.

High Road. (July 2013)
LRA Cllr John Markham has persuaded to Thames Water (TW) to investigate the pothole where the access road to the GPO Sorting Office crosses the pavement, as there seemed to be a leak filling the pothole with water. (County Highways have said it isn’t their responsibility.) Thames Water were there within 2 hours to investigate – we wait to see if they will actually fill the hole as well as repair the leak.

Church Hill. 
LRA County Cllr Chris Pond has for some time been chasing up County Highways about subsidence in the roadway of Church Hill. Highways have now patched the defective area - they suspect that this may only be a temporary solution so they will monitor the patch; if it deteriorates, they will carry out a further investigatory / reconstruction type job, to find out what is causing the ground underneath to wash away; if the cause is a leaking Thames Water pipe then Highways will liaise with Thames Water to get it sorted out. (26/04/13)

Potholes in Alderton Hall Lane, opposite Alderton Rise.
We reported these in April 2013– we have checked that they are on the County Highways list for repair, but they don’t yet have a date for this.

Potholes in High Road between Loughton & Buckhurst Hill. 
Over Christmas 2012 an LRA member damaged the wheels of his car on a deep pothole near Warren Hill. County Cllr Chris Pond (LRA, Loughton Central) took this up immediately with County Highways, supported by County Cllr Valerie Metcalfe (Cons, BH & Loughton South). A few pot-holes remain on the south-bound carriageway and further up the hill, but on January 31st the worst holes, on the north-bound carriageway, were filled in. Residents in Great Woodcote Park are very pleased! However, Chris has suggested to Valerie that it may be worth considering putting this part of the A121 forward for resurfacing, as the filling looks distinctly temporary to him!