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Waste collections in the District (December 2015)
The District Council report that there were 931 complaints, May to October, of which 96% were missed collections (mostly at the beginning of the new contract). Currently there are 34 missed collections out of 27,000 daily collections (0.1%).

Items now collected but not previously collected have contributed 10 tons of extra waste. BIFFA are using 7 more freighters than was expected when the contract started.

Waste Collection (December 2015)

Your chance to ask questions directly to councillors, council staff, consultants and Biffa managers involved in the implementation of the new waste contract at a meeting of the Neighbourhoods and Communities Select Committee on Thursday December 17th at 7pm - get involved in review discussions. (District Council offices, Epping).

If you can’t get there, watch live. More

Missed refuse collections (December 2015)
A number of residents claimed financial compensation from the District Council for their missed refuse collections, and were refused. One resident pursued the claim with the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO), who decided not to investigate it (and so no compensation will be paid).

Problems in flats (December 2015)
A resident who has moved into a (private) block found problems with rubbish on the stairways and in the bin areas. As there are also restaurants in the block, we suggested she approach the District Council about the bin areas. For the rest, we suggested taking to her neighbours, and to the management company.

Wheelie-bins in the roadway (December 2015)
We had a query from a resident who found that residents in a road near Debden station were leaving their bins in the roadway to “reserve” a parking space, LRA Cllr Chris Pond commented that eventually this should be sorted out by a CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone), which we hope will emerge from theBroadway area parking review which we have been fighting for since 2008, and which is actually finally about to re-start. It is of course quite wrong of residents to put out wheelie bins, but so bad is parking in the area that we can understand why they do it. If you have similar problems, please email the Council and let us know what happens.

Residual waste collections (October 2015)
LRA Cllr Ken Angold-Stephens followed up a complaint that waste wasn’t being collected from Shelley Grove. The Council agreed that there had been problems ever since the four day week started, because Biffa’s vehicles had problems with the steep gradient. They have now changed their vehicles.

Litter in Burton Road car-park (October 2015)

We reported this earlier this month and got it cleared up.

Recycling collections (October 2015)
A resident reports that he has had success (twice!) by putting textiles for recycling in a bag on top of the clear recycling sack when he puts this out.

More recycling! (October 2015)
LRA Cllr Chris Pond reports that some of the residual waste collected by the District's residual waste is now being taken to Basildon for further recovery of recyclables, and all of it is scheduled to be taken there by end-October – this will, we hope, achieve a further 7-10% of recycled materials.

Rubbish collections – Textiles (September 2015)
A resident contacted us because he was leaving out a bag of textiles for collection but the dry recycling crew were ignoring it. We contacted the Council, who chased up Biffa, and it has finally been collected. If you have a similar problem, contact the Council by email or calling 01992 564608. If that fails, let us know.
Please put your textiles and small electrical equipment) in a standard plastic carrier bag no larger than 35 x 40cm when full. Don’t use black sacks or clear recycling sacks as these will not be collected. Tie up your bags and place them either on top of or directly in front of your wheelie bin (if you place them anywhere else they may not be collected). 

Putting the bins back (September 2015)
A Wellfields resident reported that the refuse collectors are leaving bins scattered across the pavement, instead of being safely & tidily replaced. LRA Cllr Caroline Pond has asked the District Council to sort this out with Biffa.

Fly-tipping (September 2015)
RA Cllr David Wixley has followed up reports of fly-tipping in Burney Drive – the District Council apologised for a delay in clearing the rubbish. [Please report fly-tipping on public land and let us know if it isn’t cleared.

Bizarre County proposals for waste disposal at Langston Road (August 2015)
LRA & other District Cllrs have opposed County Council waste plans, with inadequate consultation, at Langston Road and Hastingwood.
Council report
Local paper report

Fly-tipping at Pyrles Lane garages (August 2015)
After previous incidents, the District Council identified the culprit (aWaltham Abbey resident), who has been ordered to pay more than 3,500 and has received a 26-week suspended prison sentence & a 10pm - 8am curfew for six months. However, LRA Cllr David Wixley, who has been following up residents’ complaints about the fly-tipping, has challenged the District Council Portfolio-holder’s assertion that fly-tipping in the Pyrles Lane garage area had now ceased.
News article

Recycling and waste debacle update July
Special Update

Refuse collection problems?
(July 2015)
Hopefully the problems have now disappeared but if not please contact the Council (erefuse@eppingforestdc.gov.uk ). If it’s not sorted out then please email us. Our Cllrs will try to help.

Remember that bins should be replaced neatly after collection, and the collectors should clear up any litter they create.

Dumped mattresses (July 2015)
A resident contacted us about another dumped mattress at the Hillcroft/Hillyfields junction. LRA Cllr David Wixley has arranged for the District Council to collect it.
The Council will prosecute offenders if it can identify them – if you see any-one fly-tipping please (safely) get what details you can and email the District Council  or let us know.

Fly-tipping in Hillyfields (May 2015)
LRA Cllr David Wixley has been following up reports of fly-tipping on the verge, some of which may have been caused when short-term residents move on. The District Council will do a special delivery of “Special Collection“ leaflets. They will also investigate some large bins in an untidy condition in car-park, as their ownership is unclear.

Fly-tipping (May 2015)
Council advice

Special Collections (May 2015)
Council information

Your waste collection (May 2015)
A new 4 day collection service started on Tuesday May 12th. Before then, you should have had a letter telling you your new collection day - the District Council’s website has a new search tool so you can check this.

  • Refuse and recycling services will be collected from Tuesday to Friday
  • No requirement to catch up after a Bank Holiday Monday
    A brand new fleet of vehicles for the service
  • Batteries will be collected every week with the food and garden wheelie bin
  • Textiles will be collected fortnightly with recycling sacks, blue box and the weekly food & garden wheelie bin
  • Small electrical equipment will be collected fortnightly with the refuse wheelie bin and the weekly food and garden wheelie bin

Changes to Recycling and Waste collection
Biffa now collect the District’s recycling and waste – from May they will also make weekly collections of small items of waste domestic electrical and electronic equipment, - irons, kettles, toasters, etc.

Brand new, more efficient, collection vehicles with 2 separate compartments (for dry recyclables & for glass containers), will start one pass fortnightly same day, same time, collections for all dry recyclables collections in May (fewer collection vehicles on the roads, less traffic congestion, and lower vehicle emissions).

Tetrapaks, other food & drink cartons & spent aerosol canisters can now go in your recycling sacks with your waste paper. More

  • Rubbish collections: please leave your wheelie-bin(s) at the boundary of your property - Biffa are meant to return the bin(s) to the boundary. If they don’t, or they leave litter behind, please contact 01992 564608 or email the District Council

  • Street cleaning schedules. Biffa is now operating revised schedules. If you have any queries please email the District Council

It’s important that the Council can chase up the new contractor is told when standards slip, If they miss a bin, report it at 01992 564608 or online

More information on what you can recycle.

Fly-tipping (February 2015)

  • Chequers Road garages: a concerned resident contacted us about the amount of rubbish here, and LRA Cllr Chris Roberts pursued the District Council until they completed clearing it up.

  • Report fly-tipping in the Forest to 0208 532 1010, and fly-tipping elsewhere to 1992 564608 during office hours or 01992 564000 at all other times - let us know if nothing happens

  • Fine: a man was recently caught and fined for fly-tipping in Epping Forest. Last year the Corporation spent 1/4m clearing over 350 tons of fly-tipped rubbish.

  • Reward: there’s a 500 reward for any-one providing evidence leading to the prosecution of fly-tippers

Recycling shredded paper (January 2015)
A resident noticed that our new waste contractors are saying that shredded paper shouldn’t go in the clear recycling bags, but should be taken to a recycling centre or used for compost (mixed with green waste, this works well). We checked with the District Council, who say the matter is “under discussion” with the contractors.

Fly-tipping in the garage unit in Lushes Road/ Chequers Road (January 2015)

This was reported by a resident last in September; when nothing happened he spoke to LRA at the December Farmers Market and LRA Cllr Chris Roberts has taken the matter up with the District Council.

Off to the tip?

  • Recycling centres aren’t open every weekday/weekend, so check first. More
  • Recyclables only: if you have recyclables only (no residual waste) then a colleague suggests that Kings Road, Chingford (along Rangers Road & turn left at the end) is a better option than Luxborough Lane or Waltham Abbey. More